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As one of Australia's most international universities UNSW encourages students to spend a session or two overseas studying at one of our partner institutions as part of your degree. UNSW manages a large and active exchange program with over 180 different student exchange opportunities in 32 countries.

Dance And Music

Japanese cuticultual festival

During summer evenings everywhere in Japan, the local community enjoys Bon-Odori (dance) in the near-by park or playground. This tradition was originated when the farmers thanked the Rice Paddock God for the good summer crop. The Dance movement is simple and repetitive. Of course you can learn these dances at any age!

Theatre and Performance Studies has many significant relationships with artists and arts organisations related to theatre and performance practice including: Belvoir Street Theatre, Critical Path, Force Majeure, Griffin Theatre, The Sue Healey Company, NIDA, Performance Space at CarriageWorks, Performing Lines, Playwriting Australia, The Studio - Sydney Opera House, The Sydney Theatre Company, Theatre of Image, Urban Theatre Projects and PACT Youth Theatre

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There are some charts that are specific to a particular musical genre and most to a particular geographical location. Usually, the most common period of time covered by a chart is one week with the chart being printed or broadcast at the end of this time. Later.
The roll refers to the action of the body which is caused to roll from one circle to another. This is a particularly common step in ice dancing and can be performed in either a right or a left direction.