Indian Dance

Like any other great classical dance form, need study to learn the very elaborate technique and style, which are capable of expressing.
Indian classical dance is the oldest surviving dance style in the world.
Bharata Natyam
The dancer performs to a poem, creating a parallel kinetic poetry in movement, registering subtle expressions on the face and the entire body reacts to the emotions, evoking sentiments. The numbers are varnam, padams, javalis and shlokas.
The pure dance incorporates each part of the body into an intricate rhythmical pattern, building on the natural geometry of the body and the complex patterns of Indian music.
the Chhau dancer communicates inner emotions and themes through cadences of body flexions, movements and kinetic suggestions. The word Chhau is interpreted differently by scholars. ‘Shadow’, ‘Disguise’ and ‘Image’ are the most common interpretations due to the extensive use of masks in this dance form.
It is intended for presentation on eight successive nights to unfold the entire story of Lord Krishna, the style is almost akin to Kathakali.
dance-drama tradition and derives its name from the village of Kuchipudi in the Southern State of Andra Pradesh. In recent years, it has evolved as a solo dance for the concert platform and is performed by women.
Indian shahrukh khan